Longstanding German Shepherd watchers will know that for the last four years we have hosted visits from visiting Australian musicians – two visits by Dave Graney and Clare Moore (The Moodists, The Coral Snakes, MistLy), and one by Harry Howard and the NDE (Birthday Party, Crime and City Solution). This year it’s the turn of Charlie Marshall. Charlie is over for a short solo tour of the UK and we have organised gigs in Cambridge on 15th September at The Cornerhouse (with support from the Scissors) and Manchester on 21st September at The Peer Hat(with support from Four Candles and Poppycock). Charlie will also be playing gigs in London and Halifax

Charlie’s most recent album “Sublime” was rightly heralded a pop masterpiece with some exquisite melodies and thought provoking lyrics.

Charlie Marshall is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia who has been an important part of the scene in that great music city since the 1980s. As a performer and songwriter, he comes from a similar place, and stands comparison, with better known Australian exports like Nick Cave, Ed Kuepper, Robert Forster, Dirty Three, Kim Salmon and Dave Graney.

Charlie has been the guitar-slinging backbone for many of Melbourne’s finest bands, starting with the legendary Harem Scarem who were a dynamite force in the key of punk blues, followed by the soulful intensity of The Body Electric whose stellar lineup included members of Dirty Three, Beasts of Bourbon and the Avalanches. Lately, he’s been backed by The Curious Minds featuring Clare Moore (Dave Graney ‘n the Coral Snakes), Bryan Colechin (Hugo Race True Spirit) and Tim Deane (Ron Peno & the Superstitions).

His songs are poetic, romantic meditations on life, love, philosophy and the universe, combining colourful chords with incisive lyrics and plenty of soul. In solo mode he’s a passionate, foot stomping, electric guitar slinging force, ranging from gentle, intimate moments to raging, beguiling intensity when in full flight. The latest album ‘Sublime’ is a unique blend of music, politics and science – try imagining Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys collaborating with the BBC’s rock star scientist Brian Cox. A new recording due out September 2018 promises lots of late 60s/early 70s soul-inspired grooves.

“My musical adventures have taken me on many paths since the 90’s but still some of my fondest musical memories are of playing with Charlie in The Body Electric and recording our first album, which I still regard as a great piece of work. A stone cold classic.” Warren Ellis, Paris, 2016

Accompanying Charlie on the evening will be


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