Pakkyōne with Quick Drop & Slags In Tapestry

The Peer Hat 14-16 Faraday Street, Manchester, United Kingdom

PAKKYŌNE is a puppet dressed with tattered clothing, safety pins and rags found in a small abandoned farmhouse. From a hollow tree he carved a perforated zither and assembled bizarre knick-knacks by beating stone, copper and molten lead. Built without face and eyes, it sometimes borrows masks of various shapes in order to observe the… Continue reading Pakkyōne with Quick Drop & Slags In Tapestry

Mary Ocher with Industries & GC Holmes

The Peer Hat, Faraday Street

Born in the wake of George Orwell's dystopian masterpiece, 1984, in the capital of the world's largest country, upon which the novel was modelled, Mary Ocher emerges as a powerhouse artist of Jewish/Ukrainian heritage. At the tender age of 4, fate brought her to Tel Aviv during the turbulent Gulf War, where she absorbed the… Continue reading Mary Ocher with Industries & GC Holmes


The Peer Hat, Faraday Street

It’s been a long and eventful road for Godsticks since emerging onto the scene with their eponymously titled EP in 2009 showcasing the band’s then progressive-rock leanings. Since then, subsequent albums became progressively heavier and received further critical acclaim, culminating in the ‘genre redefining’ prog metal masterpiece that was ‘Emergence’, which ultimately led to them… Continue reading GODSTICKS

Manchester Folk Horror Festival VI

The Peer Hat, Faraday Street

The Sixth Annual Manchester Folk Horror Festival, continues our steady, controlled (?) descent into the labyrinth. In a time when radical or so called 'insane' ideas must be considered and re/discovered (with the stakes being nothing less than the survival of life upon Earth), the Manchester Folk Horror Festival cannot be a celebration of images… Continue reading Manchester Folk Horror Festival VI


The Peer Hat, Faraday Street

Lussuria is an ambient industrial project formed in the spring of 2007 by Jim Mroz. Heavily inspired by early dark ambient and industrial music, Lussuria's atmosphere is created through a combination of sound collage, sampled loops and deconstructed musical sections. The result has been described as chilling, even troubling. Like listening to a feeling just out of… Continue reading LUSSURIA WITH BIRCHALL/McCLEAN